Hello everyone,

Currently waiting on a partnership resident visa to move back to CHCH next year (fingers crossed).

When we rented in CHCH were were out east Shirley/Richmond way and had an earthquake damaged home. We're looking at Trade Me and noticing that within our budget of 500k for a first-home to buy, a lot are 'as is where is', i'm sure this is related to the earthquake.

Can't seem to find any clear-cut information with what the risks/implications of buying an as is where is home. Wondering if anyone had any knowledge or guidance on this topic.

I was wondering whether any other factors could make a home 'as is where is' other than earthquake damage such as close proximity to the sea as in New Brighton.

Does as is where is just refer to the dwelling? Is the land typically safe to build on? By that logic you could by a section at land value, get resource consent for demo.. and as there is precedent set in that the land use is already residential, it should be a fairly straightforward resource consent for a new dwelling of a similar design and profile to before. Is this an option typically explored or do people just pay for the foundation lift/fix?

Thanks in advance for any information.