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Thread: Standard Health Requirement

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    Question Standard Health Requirement

    Hello folks,

    I'm a partner of a NZ citizen (i'm currently on a student visa). I am Hepatitis B + since birth, and recently I went for a checkup in NZ and found out my liver function's normal, plus I never had to take any medicines for it all my life, another way to say, the virus is in a sleep mode.

    My partner and I are going to apply for both NZ partnership Work Visa when our living together time is 11 months and Residence visa about 2-3 months after the Work one. My questions are:

    1. the type of medical certificate I need is General or Limited?

    2. If I have a medical certificate for the Partnership based Work Visa, do I need another one when I apply for Residence Visa 2-3 months after?

    3. Should I see a hepatologist to confirm my liver function is normal and attach the report together with the medical certificate when submit the application? or should I just wait until CO requests me to see Medical Assessor?

    I hope you can help me with these questions

    Thank you guys so much

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    1. I checked the Limited Medical Certificate and it shows this:

    Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 10.09.51 PM.jpg

    Needs 12 months of living together to be able to just submit a limited medical cert?

    2. What I know from experience is that if you have a valid medical certificate (accepted as having acceptable standard of health) it can be used for 3 years in any next application unless your health deteriorates.

    A4.20 d applies

    3. Don't know the answer to this.

    Do you not have enough time to wait for 12 months living together before you will apply to the visas you want to apply for?
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    I agree with Allune - 1) see here paragraph e i, and 2).

    3) Yes, you can send a specialist's report with or after your eMedical (quote all your personal and submission of application details and the eMedical number), so that the answers to questions the MA will have (because your medical will definitely be referred to the medical assessors) will all be there without his/her having to ask for more, it is to be hoped, which will cut down the assessment time.

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