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Thread: Resident via Partnership to PR - Include Spouse?

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    Default Resident via Partnership to PR - Include Spouse?

    Hi there, thanks for reading! I currently hold a Resident Visa via partnership and am getting ready to apply for Permanent Residency. In the form (INZ1175) section C asks for spouse details but also says "only people included in the original visa application may be listed here".

    Now, considering this is coming from a Partnership visa does that mean this should be completed with the photos and everything, or listed in C5 with the rest of my immediate family?

    Thanks for your time!

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    I am also a resident via partnership. I got my PR last November.

    I did not include my Kiwi partner in C1 or in C5.

    In C2,C3, etc. you would include any dependent children who you included in your residence application.

    In section C5 I listed the same people I listed in my resident visa application section on "immediate family not included in this application." In my case, it was my kids and siblings.

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