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Thread: Application evaluation priorities- will high points be advantageous?

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    Default Application evaluation priorities- will high points be advantageous?

    Hi everyone,

    In the current circumstances, there are high number of residency application that do not fall in immigration's internal criteria (high remuneration etc.) or not accepted/not eligible for prioritized assessment. So for those, do you think immigration will select applications for CO allotment on first come basis or those with higher points will have advantage?

    Anyone with idea on it or any information available?


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    The situation with points has always been that having the minimum number for the EOI to be selected (and which are then provable once the ITA begins to be processed/verified) is all that matters. Once a person receives an ITA and submits it, they're considered equal with everyone else who has done the same.

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    It seems at the moment that INZ's priorities for SMC applications are:
    First - those that meet their own internal criteria (considered "highly skilled")
    Second - those that meet the criteria of an applicant having "compelling personal circumstances" (as yet undefined by INZ) and a request being made via the Employment Visa Escalations email
    Third - on a first-in, first out basis for all remaining applications from the queue

    Total number of points claimed isn't a factor for when an application is allocated, because that is only a claim made by the applicant at EOI stage - a full assessment by an Immigration Officer at application stage may find that the client is actually ineligible for some of those points.

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