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Thread: Partner Residency Visa to Permanent Resident Query

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    Default Partner Residency Visa to Permanent Resident Query

    Good morning,

    I received my partner resident visa June 7th 2019, so June 7th 2021 I can apply for permanent residency, Over the summer of 2021 were planning a big trip (3 months minimum of world travel) we were hoping to start and get to the UK in time for Glastonbury (June 20th roughly).

    Is there anyway I could rush the current wait time (30-50 days) by going down to Wellington in person? Or can I still apply out of the country? I'm just trying to think of a work around but I'm not getting very far.

    Thanks in advance

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    The best "workaround", in my opinion, is to apply for a variation of travel conditions, timed so that they will be granted before your departure and valid beyond your return, which then would allow you to a) return to New Zealand as a resident and b) defer the application for a Permanent Resident Visa until your return.

    There is also the option of "applying for a second or subsequent resident visa" if you are out of the country with expired travel conditions, but this seems rather risky to me.

    Refer to the INZ 1176 guide for more information on either option.
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