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Thread: Qualification certificates vs. academic transcripts?

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    Default Qualification certificates vs. academic transcripts?


    My SMC Residence application was lodged on 01 May and is now being prioritised through EVE. I got assigned a CO today and she mentioned this:

    I note that you have not provided your qualification certificates for your claimed qualifications. In order for you to be granted points for qualification, we need to have both the qualification certificate and academic transcript on file. Please provide the original or certified copy of your qualification certificates.

    I e-mailed her back seeking clarification, but in the meantime can anyone explain what she might mean by "qualifications", as the sealed academic transcripts provided by me and my partner list the degrees awarded as well. If she is talking about actual original/certified copies of our diplomas, this will take much longer than 5 days to obtain as both me and my partner received our degrees overseas (United States) and they will need to be re-ordered and sent to us from the U.S., which might take up to 8 weeks. This concerns me because she also mentioned this:

    Please provide the information requested above no later than 15 August 2019.

    This is an impossible timeframe for turnaround, so is it possible she might extend this date out?
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