I am currently in NZ by my own and I have very specific dietary requirement due to my alergy and stomach problem such as gastritis and heart burn. I have been searching around the restaurant here but looks like there are no compatible food menu. I cant handle red meat, spicy/sour/salty food (any spice packs you can get from the supermarket), and raw veggies. Currently I have been strugling cooking my own meal due to my long shift at my work.

Also currently I have a shitty fridge that cannot freezes the food so I can't make straight my meal for whole week. I am currently binded with contract term so I need to find someone to replace before I can move out
Do you have any suggestion? Do you just have to hire someone like a maid to cook for you everyday? (This is quite expensive I think)
I am thinking like a food catering but it sounds like they are not only for one person