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Thread: ITA received but IELTS going to expire please help me

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    Post ITA received but IELTS going to expire please help me

    Hi there,

    I received my ITA already but my IELTS is going to expire mid of next month and my plan to applying my residency in October/Nov wondering do I need to get a new IELTS for my residency application or IELTS certification which is going to expire next month would be fine?????
    another question is-
    my employer's company name is in non-compliant list and the company name will be removed from non-compliance list in January 2020 so my question is that can I apply my residency in this October/ November???by the mean time employer's non compliant will be out from the list until I get my case officer.
    thank you in advance

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    Your IELTS certificate (or other proof of English ability) needs to be no more than two years old at the time you submit your ITA. When an ITA arrives, clerks look over the form and the evidence to check whether everything apparently meets the requirements, and if it doesn't, they can't accept and lodge it, so it'll be sent back.

    Similarly, if the employer's name is on the non-compliant list when your ITA arrives, it will be sent back, not lodged, for that reason.

    Any application to INZ is a legal document, and by submitting it, you are warranting that everything that is in it is the truth, right then. INZ aren't allowed to accept anything that only probably will be true at a later date (because things can go wrong, even with matters that people believe in all honesty are going to happen).

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