Hi All

I have a question about something weird (I think) that happened to me.

I have Permanent Residence in NZ since about February of this year.

I also have two passports, one Polish (this one is the one with the permanent residence) and one South African.

I entered New Zealand on my Polish passport about 2.5 years ago.

I recently had to fly to South Africa, because I am a South African Citizen I have to use my South African passport when I land in SA. So I gave the airline my SA passport.

Then when I got to the immigration officer I handed her my Polish passport, because I entered into NZ on that one. She looked at my passport and the visa and her computer then asked me which passport I gave the airline. I told her I gave them my South African Passport, so she said I need to leave NZ on my SA passport.

I told her that I entered on my Polish one so I think I need to leave on my Polish one but she said that that didnít matter since I have permanent residence in NZ and that I should leave on my SA passport. The officer then scanned that passport.

So I guess my question is, is this okay? Are there going to be any issues when I fly back to NZ in a couple of weeks because I will be entering on my Polish passport again?

It seems weird since most of the information on the internet says I should use the same passport I entered with.

Also has anyone encountered this?

Thanks for any help.