Hi guys,
hope to find some help here.
I am about to apply for Skilled Migrant Category. I have no problems with the skilled work experience but i have some concern for the points i could gain in area of absolute skill shortage.

I am applying as Chef and my job and work experience are in area of absolute skill shortage. To be considered in area of absolute skill shortage i must follow the indication of the long term skill list.

The list state:

A certificate at NZQF Level 4, or a higher qualification, which includes the credit and knowledge requirements of a New Zealand Certificate in Cookery
(Level 4)
a minimum of five years' combined experience in establishments offering a la carte/ banqueting or commercial catering, with a minimum of two
years at Chef de Partie (Section Leader) level or higher.

I have both, Certificate level 4 in cookery and 5 years of combined experience. My certificate is post job experience ( gained on the 19th of August 2019), but there is no mention from the long term skill shortage list that the certificate has to be prior the work experience.

The only info i could find is at the bottom of the page of the long term skill list on note 2:
Note 2: Where post-qualification work experience is included as a requirement it applies to all qualifications listed for the
occupation (unless otherwise indicated).

I have noticed, for example, that for construction quantity surveyor you must have:

-A bachelor's degree at NZQF Level 7, or a higher qualification with the
minimum equivalent of 360 credits, which includes the requirements of a
New Zealand major in quantity surveying or construction economics
- Student or Affiliate Membership, or MNZIQS, of the New Zealand
Institute of Quantity Surveyors (with an overseas degree approved by
a minimum of three yearsÂ’ relevant post-qualification work experience

For the quantity surveyor the long term skill list specify clearly that the three years of work experience must be post qualification.
For Chef the long term skill shortage list does not specify anything.

I put the question to my lawyer this morning and he said is a good point and at the moment he has no answer for that.
Do you have any experience that you can share to help me?