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Thread: Criminal Record.. Character References Help

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    Question Criminal Record.. Character References Help


    I recently received my Acro Police Check which had evidence of my criminal record. It was 2 cautions, both about 9 years ago when I was 21.

    I am aware that I will need Character references (I am applying for a Partner of a New Zealander Work Visa, and hopefully turning to a Residence Visa).

    Is there a specific template letter to use from INZ or one that anyone else has used?

    I am just not sure what to ask my referees to write for me, which will be sufficient for when my lodge my application.


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    Given the length of time since the incidents for which you were cautioned, and that you were not imprisoned at the time, it's entirely possible that INZ won't require you to apply for a character waiver. See here.

    If eventually you were required to ask for a character waiver, you would need to write a letter explaining the situation surrounding the offence(s), accepting full responsibility for whatever you did. You would need to explain how your life has changed since that time, and how you now see things differently and realize how you were in the wrong. If there are things you now do that are for the public good, you could mention them. Then you would need to find as many people as you can who know you personally, and are people of good standing in your community, who would be prepared to give you a character reference.

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    Hi, I saw your post regarding the ACRO, if your report says "No Live Trace" or something other than "No Trace" - you will may need to get a Full Access Report from ACRO - They are free but take 30 days......

    It will show INZ the details of cautions etc. I had a misdemeanor from 20 years ago that was no longer visible on my record any they required the Full Subject Access.

    I had character references from members of the medical community in which I work and the community in which I live vouching that I am an upstanding member of society and have been for the last two decades

    Good Luck x

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