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Thread: Partnership visiting visa - Mumbai branch

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    Default Partnership visiting visa - Mumbai branch


    Is there any newly married couple who got their pvv approved ?

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    If you are hoping for a precedent that some people, whose marriage has been arranged, so they have not spent much time together, have been given a partner-sponsored visa directly, you won't find it.

    INZ require good evidence that a couple has lived together for around 3 months before they will grant EITHER partner-sponsored visa, that is, the visitor's or work visa for a partner. This is because for INZ, partnership is defined as living together.

    INZ are recently making a concession to the cultural difference of countries where arranged marriage is normal, so a newly married couple can't have lived together for long - the foreign partner can apply for a partner-sponsored visa, explaining their full situation and giving evidence of the arrangements for the marriage, the marriage itself, and what little time they lived together before the NZ-based partner (citizen or resident) had to go back, and then they will ALSO be considered for a general visitor's visa, which would give the foreign partner, if all the evidence about the arranged marriage checks out, the chance to go to live in NZ with their new spouse and gather acceptable evidence. They are NOT going to be granted the partner-sponsored visa straight away, without evidence of having lived together.

    Here is the official document.

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