I am surprised by the vague letters that Immigration NZ is sending out. Especially when sending out PPIs there is an expectation that they will provide decent information for us to respond on. I am hoping someone in this forum will help provide some insight into the mysterious world of medical PPIs!

I recently applied for a Parent and Grandparent visitor visa for my parents. We have provided all medicals for my mom and my dad and also extra heart reports along with cardiologist's report. I understand that one my mom's heart tests is abnormal but that's controlled through medicine. As part of her medical documents, we informed INZ about my mom's heart condition. Her cardiologist had just confirmed it was acceptable and just needed to be managed through medications. She is close to 65 so this is now part of life.

We have just received a PPI stating the follwoing:
The details of the medical assessorís assessment are as follows:
? Likely to impose significant health costs or demands.
? High risk for future cardiac events

The PPI is addressed to my dad and does not mention my mother at all. So I am not even sure who does this assessment relate to. On calling the INZ Contact center I was informed that my dad is ASH (with conditions for future visas) but my mom is NOT ASH. However, if the PPI does not state that then I am not sure what do I need to do. Even the INZ contact center are not sure.

Moreover, the text 'high risk for future cardiac event' is so vague that I am not even sure what do I do to address this. My mother's cardiologist is one of the best in the country and is involved in several high profile cases. I know this may not seem relevant to INZ but his opinion is pretty much going to be mirrored by other doctors. My mom has already done all possible tests (Resting ECG, Echocardiography, Exercise ECG test, Angiography, Thallium test ) in the last 3 months so there is nothing else left to do.

I am sitting staring at this PPI and wondering what am I supposed to do next!

Any suggestions would be great.