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Thread: Residence into new passport

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    Default Residence into new passport

    Hi all,

    My wife is an Armenian citizen who holds a New Zealand residence visa (permanent), she did not get a sticker in her passport, just a printed bit of paper.
    We wanted to get the sticker in her passport as a piece of paper is less than ideal, but decided we would wait until she got her new passport.

    Now she has just received her new passport from an overseas embassy so we will need to get her residence transferred to her new passport and would like to have a visa sticker in her passport rather than just another printed bit of paper.

    My question is, with all of the above information in mind how do we go about this? to summarize, she needs her residence applied to her new passport, and at the same time we would like the residence sticker in her passport rather than that piece of paper. and how much will this all cost? do we have to pay the transfer fee and also the sticker fee?

    I also understand we may have to supply the old passport when getting this done, there was a small section we had to cut out of the old passport which had her old passport number on it, but this was not on the bio data page which also has the passport number, hopefully this will not be a problem?

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    The process is documented here, but to summarize: fill out and send an INZ 1023 form, together with both the old and new passports.

    You have the option to request either a physical label or an eVisa as part of this process. No fee is payable if you request an eVisa, whereas a fee will be charged if you request a physical label.

    Having a previous passport invalidated by being cut is unlikely to pose a problem. Yours is not the only country that does this, and INZ would be well aware that some countries do this: in fact, there are some countries that do not return the previous passport at all. If you prefer to err on the side of caution, then you can follow the guidelines for people whose previous passports are not returned to them (or lost/stolen) and submit a cover letter with your application.

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