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    Default Partnership Evidences

    Our Declided Partnership Visa got reopened and currently being assesed under a new Case Officer. Already both me and my wife got interview calls.

    Today we got an email from CO requesting for Updated evidences to prove we are Living Together in a Genuine and Stable relationship.

    Could you please share what are the most important or vital evidences we should submit?

    Previously we submitted all the evidences where the application was declined saying relationship is genuine but we are not living together.

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    What kind of partnership visa is it?

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    The evidence you need is outlined on the INZ website here (in the third and fourth sections):

    It is my understanding that the most important are evidence of financial interdependence and cohabitation. If there is little/no cohabitation, you need evidence and information on why and what you have done to maintain the relationship (also outlined on the page I linked).

    I personally submitted: bank statements from our joint account, joint internet bills, joint utility bills, mail addressed to us together at our address, proof of joint travel, a relationship timeline, and 2 letters of support, one from a relative and one from a long-time friend.

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    Here are old threads with discussion and examples of what people have used.

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