Hi All,

So I wanted to apply for a visa for my partner back in march & I am on open work visa. After talking to the immigration officers they suggested as you havent stayed together we recommend applying for General Visitor Visa (GVV). Hence we applied for GVV in march first week & also a letter explaining we wanted to build evidence of staying together & will return back. I called up and they said the process has been moved to partnership based queue and we are waiting since then. Even some of people taking advice of LIA based in Auckland had applied for GVV back then

Currently the applicants applied in GVV are being declined due to bone fide reason. Not a single approval I have heard from the community in the GVV. Even most Partnership Visa (PVV) of newly married people are being rejected for not living together currently

I tried asking some LIA and even they are not sure what to do or what process INZ are following at the moment. I know after the visa pak in May people now should be applying for Partnership Visa only not GVV anymore but this was before May and at the suggestion of INZ itself.

My file is with the officer currently & I am pretty sure it is going to be declined based on the past 5 declines he has done already. I know each file is different but this officer has already declined 5 genuine applications I know. That is the level of confidence we have in the officers that we have assumed it is going to be declined

Does anyone know what can we do ? Or also incase if it is rejected ?