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    Hi All,

    My family and I would be moving to Auckland in 2020. I have been looking at property ads. on apartments rental in Auckland Central. The ads. often says:Water not included; Power and internet not included. Can anyone share their experience in renting an apartment in Auckland please? Beside the 4 weeks bond +one week rent in advance, how much I would need to pay for water connection? Power connection? Internet connection?

    Any recommendation on which apartments are safe and suitable for a family of three?

    Thank you very much.

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    Hi. You may find this govt calculator useful in working out costs in the Auckland area. Sorry I have no experience in renting an apartment in Auckland but someone else may post who has

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    Hi Annie,

    Usually the connections are free. Water and Power connections take 1 to 3 days... Internet Connections depending of the location 7 to 15 days

    Here is my recommendation:

    You could start looking for possible unit/apartment/house one month or two weeks before you come here... and you can start talking to the property manager, explaining your situation and your needs

    I did that when I came to Auckland, and on the second day I was visiting 3 places, and the four day I was moving to my new place

    Renting market in Auckland is very aggressive... so be prepare! Units/Apartment/Houses comes and goes very quickly...

    And the Best place in Auckland Central? that will depend of what you are looking... I live two blocks from my office, I can see the ocean for my balcony, and the place was brand new when I moved in.

    The good news, is that there is a lot of development around Auckland, and we have seen a lot of NEW units/apartments coming to the market every three months

    Sometimes, to secure a place, you could offer to pay 6 months in advance... or you could said you are interest in living there for 2 years...

    Good Luck!

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