I'm looking into TradeMe Property to find the house for rent. In the pictures, some houses come with some furniture (such as bed, sofa, dining table, etc.) but I wonder if those are of the current tenant which will be moved along with him, or the house will come with those furniture for everyone renting that house. I know that I should talk to the property manager and may go and see the house itself to know how the house comes with. But I'm in too early stage to do that. I then come up with a question for anyone renting in Christchurch or have knowledge about it.

- Are most of the houses come with furniture as show in the pictures in property website?

- My office is on the suburb called Addington. Where should I live if I want to drive less than 20 mins to office?

- According to last question, what should be the rental price for a family of 3 (2 adults + 1 yo child)? I'm thinking of 400, 450, 500 pw. Are those reasonable? What should I get according to those budgets?