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Thread: Visitors visa--bank statement

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    My partner is trying to apply for a visitors visa. He has to provide proof of funds through a bank statement but we only have a joint Australian bank account and can't get a statement, only a pdf of total funds. Basically I've been putting all the money in as Im in a position too, he lives overseas and I'm in aus, looking at both moving to NZ to apply for a partner visa.
    1) can it have both our names on it?
    2) does it have to show the last 6 months

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    For a visitor's visa, he has to show that he can access NZ$1000 per month for the length of the visa, or NZ$400 if his accommodation is already paid for. So if the joint account has enough money in it, and he has the right to draw on it, that should satisfy the requirement. (The fact that he's hoping to get a partner visa later is irrelevant to THIS application - you can leave that out of the picture for now.)

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