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Thread: Gathering momentum for SMC Visa processing delays - talk to the media!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VedSaumya View Post
    The article suggests that by May 2019 the quota for the year was almost full by those already approved and waiting. I think this indicates why applications from Dec. 11 were not allocated to case officer. Do you guys reckon that these now will be picked gradually in 2020 after the quota for the year announced? I am now a bit hopeful.
    Saw the news on Facebook, don't think it caused a big splash.
    Tired of waiting, can't even resign because of this.

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    I have migrated four times in my life. In one instance--to NZ--I came in as a resident under SMC through an accredited employer. In another, I returned home to a country where I had citizenship (Canada). The other two times it was under some sort of work visa scheme.
    In one of those instances I was able to get residency (in Canada) because of a partner acquired by working there. In the interim I went through 14 months of no job and no work permit (though I could collect unemployment, strangely). It was incredibly frustrating and stressful.
    For Australia, I only ever had work visas and quite frankly wasn't interested in settling there permanently. But in Oz I had to buy extra private health insurance since I wasn't eligible to enrol in the public scheme. Which sucked...but the onus was on me to understand the entitlements and constraints of that visa.
    Even in the case of Canada--where we fought and won a human rights case over same-sex partner migration rights--I accepted that my entitlements were constrained...and that things could change quickly, leaving me with little agency. In fact...that's why I was so keen to get my Kiwi citizenship ASAP. I don't trust politics enough to rely on permanent residence remaining in its current form.
    There's been a lot of BS about Labour's "anti-migrant" policies. Which have been almost entirely focused on low level certificates and diplomas that gouge international students with the promise of a 1-2 year work visa afterwards, with the aim of those years of work experience getting those students over the line, points-wise, for a resident visa. They never should have been such a mechanism: it exploits those students and it removes a strata of service work for locals--particularly youth--to enter the workforce.
    None of which discounts the frustration of waiting, or the feeling that the rules are changing while you wait.

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