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Thread: RNZ article: INZ audit being considered

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    Default RNZ article: INZ audit being considered

    Thought this was interesting, especially the comments from general manager Stephen Dunstan:

    "The Vision 2015 Programme was a large-scale business transformation project. The programme delivered, through a mix of technology and process change, modern, fit-for-purpose visa and identity management systems which are flexible, secure and more applicant-friendly.

    "The Vision 2015 Programme subsequently enabled the Visa Services 2020 project which has reduced INZ's global footprint and moved more visa processing onshore. In addition, Visa Services 2020 has realised $11.9m in benefits so far and is expected to provide further financial benefits in terms of savings in 2019-20 and following years."

    Sounds a little like "we downsized so we don't have to pay as many people, and have taken a lot of money from applications that we're not processing".

    Also had to laugh that this process is applicant friendly...

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    thanks for sharing the article.

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