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Thread: Visitor Visa to NzETA Question

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    Default Visitor Visa to NzETA Question


    I am from the USA and was on a 9 month Visitor Visa (not partnership just regular visitor visa). I used it to visit my husband (a New Zealand Citizen) back and forth over last year and it expired in November 2019. I applied for a Partnership Visa (when I got back to the states) and am waiting for its allocation but in the meantime I applied for a NzETA so that I can visit him shortly. The NzETA was issued in December 2019 but I am wondering if I will be stopped from entering New Zealand as I spent 9 months on and off visiting him last year and the NzETA says you can't visit more than 6 months in a 12 month period [before applying for a visa]. I do hold a round trip ticket.

    I have messaged immigration twice, once in early December with no response, and just last week, again with no response. I know they are behind with the new structure taking place but I am worried I will be stopped from entering and would like to know before getting to the airport in about a week...

    Would anyone in this forum have any info for me?

    Thank you!


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    What matters is not when the last visa expired, but when and for how long you were in the country.

    See the first paragraph here.

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