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Thread: General Visiting Visa for Partner

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    I got married on 30 Dec 19 and returned back on 18 Jan 20 as I have only 1-month annual leave.So we have only stayed together for 20 days.

    I am bit confused on which visa to apply for my partner.

    This is the response I received from INZ upon my query :

    As you have only lived together 20 days your partner is highly unlikely to be eligible for a partnership visa (PVV). She may however apply for a general visitor visa (GVV) to come to New Zealand and upon gathering evidence of living together in a genuine and stable relationship in New Zealand apply for a partnership visa (either work or visitor). Only one visa can be considered by immigration at a time, please do not apply for a PVV until your partner is eligible.

    But my doubt is that what all documents I have to submit to meet the bona fide applicant requirement ?

    Please advise.

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    Someone in your wife's situation has to show that she COULD go back to a life in her own country if she couldn't prove her case for a partner-sponsored visa in due course, and that she understands that she would have to leave NZ at the end of the visitor visa if she didn't get a different kind granted. But her case is not the same as someone who ONLY want to make a short trip to NZ and then go back to their home, life, and job, elsewhere. Bona fide (good faith) involves telling the truth to INZ, letting them know what the applicant honestly intends. As the new wife of a NZ work-visa-holder, it is obvious that she is not ONLY a visitor. There will need to be a cover-letter explaining.

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