A member who can't yet post here has this question. Does anybody have any suggestions to help, please?

Hey everyone,
I have been invited to apply for Residence Visa under SMC but I have one major question about remuneration.

I work for a core government department and work on a rotating roster.Because of our shift pattern everyone gets 30% penal rate over their base salaries (no strings attached ) as per the Collective Employment Agreement with the department.This 30% loading pushes me over the $25 stipulated rate by quite a margin.The other confusion is that this "loading" is worded as "Allowance" in the Collective Agreement and Offer of Employment while the Department and Employment Supplementary Form got it down as "Penal Rate" in the documentation.

My question is will Immigration NZ consider this 30% as an allowance and disregard it?It's not employment related or performance based.I'm guaranteed it until 2021 (collective is up for bargaining) and have received it since I started the job.