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Thread: Good safe suburbs in Keri Keri

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    Default Good safe suburbs in Keri Keri

    Hey everyone. Asking for a friend. Does anyone have any advice as to what might be safe nice neighborhoods in Keri Keri and which ones to avoid ?

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    Anywhere within 1-2km of the town, the waterfront or the river is very safe and mostly very attractive but also very expensive. There are more other expats in the same situation near town so there are opportunities to make friends with similar people.

    Go a few miles North, South or West and things are very different. Property is a lot cheaper. Whether it's less attractive is really a matter of personal taste, it's a basic rural lifestyle and people mostly don't have money, but they are mostly good people. Small communities, close knit groups of long term friends and family, quite difficult for a newcomer expat to integrate. Like anywhere there is some poverty, there is some crime but it's not generally dangerous. You could get unlucky so it might be wise to meet the neighbours before buying or renting a property (I got unlucky in Manchester, not Kerikeri!)

    We are moving back to Kerikeri in a few months, I only lived there very briefly before and would love to make friends - please PM me your friend's contact details so we can stay in touch!

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