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Thread: Language requirements for Parents residence visa

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    Post Language requirements for Parents residence visa

    The website states that there is a need to speak English! My dad does not speak Engllish and I do not think any English lessons will help him at his age (72). Any thoughts that this is a requirements or this is posted by mistake on the site !!

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    There were English language requirements contained with the previous Parent Category immigration instructions (old F4.15) -- and although the operational manual does not yet contain the new immigration instructions, I would not be surprised to see the old English language requirements contained within, and carried forward into, the new immigration instructions.

    Keep in mind though that I have linked to old immigration instructions; the new immigration instructions (when they are released) may well differ.

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    From new guide for parent resident visa (INZ 1207)

    All applicants need to show that they meet the minimum standard of English, or pre-purchase English Language for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) tuition. You will need to provide evidence
    of this with your application. For example, if you stated you had acceptable English language test results, you will need to provide this. For more information on INZ’s English language requirements see the guide English Language Information
    (INZ 1060).

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