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Thread: Look For Jobs On Visitor Visa

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    Default Look For Jobs On Visitor Visa

    Hi everyone, we are planning to travel to NZ on a visitor visa to look for jobs. I have three questions which i hope the group could help me with:

    1. We have been hearing the importance of being honest at the immigration checkpoint. Must we declare our intention to look for jobs while on a visitor visa at the checkpoint?

    2. I believe visitor visa can be granted for a maximum of 9 months. In your personal opinion, how long will you stay to look for jobs before you finally decide that "this doesn't work and I need to return home"?

    3. I am from a visitor visa-waiver country which allows me to enter and stay without a visa (but NZeta required) for 3 months. People are telling me to apply for a Visitor visa regardless in order to guarantee a 6 months or 9 months stay. Is that information accurate?

    Thank you very much for your advice.

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    Have you entered the country? Did you find a job? Interested to hear your experiences

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    This forum member has not been on the site since 2020, so may not see your question.

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