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Thread: Very urgent query: Scratched someone's car with my rental truck's door

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    Default Very urgent query: Scratched someone's car with my rental truck's door

    Hi there,

    I am in a very tricky situation and require urgent help.

    I hired a truck to pick up some furniture we brought from trademe. As I opened the truck door, the edge marked a small scratch (1 inch or so) on the seller's car. Now the seller wants me to pay for the damage (around $1000 or so). Important points to consider:
    1. It was a hired vehicle but I wasn't driving it, the scratch happened when the door was opened while both the truck and car were stationary.
    2. I was not covered by any third party insurance.
    3. Am I liable to pay for the damage or should this be dealt with the hireage company's insurance?

    Require urgent suggestions and help. I hold a resident visa and was driving the vehicle on a valid international drivers license valid in NZ for a year.

    Thanks a ton!
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    Did the hired vehicle come with some insurance as part of the package you paid for? If so, what does it say it covers you for?

    Sorry to be asking more questions, but I'm not clear what the situation is. If the hire company's package does not state that you are covered for third party damage, I don't understand why you would expect them to pay.

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