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Thread: Job Search Visa Holders in New Zealand

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    Default Job Search Visa Holders in New Zealand

    Hi guys,

    I am in Auckland on Job Search Visa so, I thought to give you quick update about job market. I contacted few companies including those where I submitted my job application but i haven't got positive response from anywhere. the job processing is either halted or postponed. There is a clear decline of job postings on seek and other websites.
    It doesn't make sense to travel for Job search when the situation is completely uncertain.

    I would like to know that if the situation persist then what would happen to JSV holders who are already in New Zealand for job search? It is very difficult to survive when even no jobs are available in market. To satisfy skilled job requirement is another story.


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    Honestly, nobody knows what's going to happen with the economy hence why lots of businesses have ended recruitment for now. You'll just have to keep looking for a job.

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