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Thread: Help! Out of options and stuck in NZ

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    Default Help! Out of options and stuck in NZ

    Hello guys,
    I am a NZ citizen and my husband is in NZ with me on a partner of New Zealander work visa. We applied in September 2019 (he has been here with me in 2015 for 8 months) and in October they accepted it but gave us the expirey date of March 31st 2020. I called to query why the visa was not for 12 months as we have been married for five years and she said it is based in the return flight date, which was for March 24th, plus one week. As we were planning on going back to the USA in March this didn't really affect us.

    Now due to Covid-19 we were forced to stay in NZ until after the lockdown, as I had been tested on 18th March and was being treated as a suspected case, so we were both instructed to self isolate for 14 days, we were both and still are displaying flu like symptoms and therefore are unable to travel, even if we weren't in self isolation, and our living and employment situation in the USA has fallen apart due to our on arrival.

    Immigration NZ website states that all visas expiring after April 2nd will be extended, and anyone with a visa expiring between now and then, will have to apply for a new one.

    Here's my issues:
    + We don't have the cash right now to pay for the visa before March 31st, as we just put all of our money into a deposit on apartment in USA and I purchased a car over there. Refunds are being processed but we won't have the money back for at least two weeks, maybe even longer.
    + We are unable to get pretty much all of what is required for visa, passport photo, completing another medical exam (as last one is more than 6 months old now), however was only a limited medical as he was planning on staying for less than 12 months, can't get justice of peace to sign my declaration of support.
    + I don't have a printer or scanner at home to complete application.

    I have tried calling immigration NZ for advice but they aren't accepting calls due to the virus situation.

    If we don't apply for his Visa before March 31st, this means he is now illegal, am I correct?
    Will that affect his ability to permanently move to NZ in the future, or to even briefly visit with me.

    Please someone tell me what I should do, as I am very scared!

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    If you do not apply for your husband's visa in time, he will be in New Zealand illegally and liable for deportation (D2.10). Such deportation will render him unable to re-enter New Zealand for between 2 and 5 years (D2.45), and will adversely impact any visa application (including other countries, not just New Zealand) in future.

    The only option for you that I am aware of is making a Section 61 request.

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    @KatieNZ Can you borrow a friend's credit card?

    EGoodhue (a licensed immigration adviser) mentioned this on another thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by EGoodhue View Post
    As per the message received from INZ General Manager last night:

    If you cannot provide information required by the online form, such as a new medical certificate, upload an explanation instead to complete your application.

    So you can lodge an online application without a medical, but it's possible that INZ won't look at it until after lockdown. Then again, jobs in supermarkets may be regarded as essential workers so it may be that they will triage your application and process it with the staff they apparently have working from home (some LIA's have been told different things, INZ haven't confirmed that this is the case).


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    You need to apply for a visa in the best way that you are able to. If your husband previously provided a medical certificate, it will probably still be accepted, and if he didn't just upload a cover letter explaining the situation.
    Did you save any of the documents you uploaded for the first visa application? If yes, recycle them (eg do you still have the passport photo saved somewhere? Copy of passport?). If there are other documents that you have, you might be able to scan them from your phone, otherwise take a photo and then convert the photo to a pdf at this website:
    As suggested, you will need to find someone with a credit card to pay the work or visitor visa fee.
    It seems that the application won't actually be processed anyway, but your husband will be probably be given an interim visa so that he stays lawful.

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