Hi all,

I am looking for people who are in a similar situation or know someone who is:


  • I am on a 12-month partner work visa - valid from July 17th 2019 to July 17th 2020 having started to work in NZ as a sole trader in August 2019.
  • Now, I basically lost 80% of my business overnight as my work is based on face to face interactions with people.
  • I applied for wage subsidy for sole traders who lost 30% of their business on Monday 23rd together with a lot of fellow colleagues of mine who are in the same boat.
  • All of them have already received their wage subsidy, some after two days. None of them is on a partner work visa though, they are kiwis or residents.


Are you on the same visa and have applied for subsidy? What is your experience? Have you received help? Have you been declined? Was there a problem and you have been rung up on the phone?

Could it be that my application just did not go through? We donīt receive confirmation emails as far as I understand and they had tech difficulties as well. Should I just re-apply?


Please donīt suggest calling them - I have rang all their numbers since Monday several times a day, there is no way of getting through. I also cannot log in or register on the website. Not sure if it kicks me out because it is overloaded, but it always returns to the main site.

Thank you and please stay healthy and safe!