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Thread: Work visa holder affected by border closure

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    Default Work visa holder affected by border closure

    Asking for my sister again

    My sister has got a talent accredited work visa for which the first entry date is on or before May 3 and her travel plans were cancelled due to border closure by march 23. Currently she is overseas and her employer has informed they are withdrawing the job offer as the opening of borders is unknown for next 6 months. 1)Will she be able to get an extension of first entry date if the employer holds the offer n reissue a new offer later? (which they have proposed to do). 2) can her husband enter NZ as he has an open partner work visa even if she is unable to secure this offer? 3) Is there a possibility if she can search another job offer and can get a variation of conditions on this visa being offshore?

    Anyone in the same situation had any luck contacting INZ? We've emailed INZ requesting first entry date waiver but haven't had a response yet.

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    1. Nobody can tell you an answer except INZ, and I doubt if the COs there know yet what the arrangements will be. Those will depend on what politicians decide, and at the moment, the government are concentrating on measures to deal with the epidemic, making immigration a low priority. Many individuals' concerns are just having to wait. When the emergency is over, there will be measures put in place, no doubt, to pick up the pieces.
    2. Your sister's husband's partnership work visa is dependent on her worker's visa. If her visa is invalid, then so is his. If in the end she turns out to have to re-apply, so will he need to.
    3. Unless your sister's line of work is in one of the essential skills for this emergency, see here for the list of medical specialisms, she wouldn't get permission to travel anyway, even if THIS visa were valid, or she obtained a VOC (very doubtful at present as the INZ offices are closed). An offer from a different employer wouldn't make any difference.

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