INZ have announced details of an email address where those who were not covered by the Epidemic Management Notice automatic visa extension (that is, those who had temp visas expiring before 2 April) and did not put in a new visa application before their visa expired can send a message to, requesting that Section 61 be applied to them - that is, a visa may be granted when the person is unlawful and a deportation order has not yet been actioned.

INZ have said that they will continue to process Section 61 requests during lockdown "to provide certainty for temporary migrants in New Zealand as they face the challenges of being in a foreign country at this extraordinary time."

The following is the instruction given by INZ on how to proceed if you are currently unlawful (without a valid visa) in NZ:

If applicants currently do not hold a valid visa to remain in New Zealand (their visa has already expired) they should send an email outlining their circumstances to Please include:
• Personal details — full name, date of birth - and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) client number if known
• A copy of the personal details page in the applicant’s passport.
• Applicant contact details — email address, phone number and postal address
• An explanation of the applicant’s circumstances
• What type of visa the applicant would like — for example a visitor visa — and how long they believe they might be required to extend their stay in NZ.