So I'm a 35 year old airline pilot here in the states. However, I've been thinking of changing careers and wanting to move to New Zealand for some time. Well, perhaps crisis will be the catalyst for change. The future of the airline industry, as well as my country of birth, looks dark enough for night vision goggles at the moment, so why not change it up?

The idea would be enroll in college or university in New Zealand and come out with a major that gives me a visa-worthy skill. Ideally Iím passionate about climate change, and the planet, so developing a career that made me part of the solution vs. the problem would be good I think. I know New Zealand has lots of hydro and geothermal, so the typical solar and wind renewables may be in less demand. Perhaps something with energy conservation or ecosystem restoration?

I probably wouldnít be looking to go into engineering as that is quite expensive. Also, I ideally want to be on the North Island (further north the better as I donít like cold weather) both for school and work.

Obviously nothing is going to happen for some months while the quarantine is in effect, but that gives me time to sell my condo and start looking at options.

Any advice greatly appreciated!