Thought to let you all know this as I went to log on to sort my tax return out and they are off line until 16th April

Fortunately before this and this may interest those of you whom are self employed and got the Govt subsidy, I contacted them as I received the subsidy 2 weeks before the end of the tax year. I asked if I needed to declare it on the now due IR3 (Tax return) or can it be held over until the following years tax return as most of this payment was for the next 12 weeks? They replied that It does not need to be included until the following year. I can't state exactly what they said as I cannot access MyIR at the moment .At first they said I would need to split it but then they got back to me and said that the whole payment could be included on the next tax year. Hope this helps. I would though recommend you double check this with them once MYIR is back up and running.