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Thread: Master's level 9 eligibility for SMC

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    Default Master's level 9 eligibility for SMC


    I was wondering if someone has an answer to my questions. I have completed level 9 Masters in Apllied Management from Eastern Institute of Technology, Auckland which is a 1.5 years course with 180 credit points in NZ. What is the difference between 1.5 years masters course and 2 years masters course. Its really confusing. Because in both the cases we get Level 9 degree?
    One of the qualifying criteria for SMC visa is that you should have done masters and above for atleast 2 years. Why can't I apply with my masters 1.5 years course level 9?
    And if not is there any option if I can convert my 1.5 years masters into 2 years and then apply for SMC directly even without a job offer?


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    As I wrote when you posted this same query over on nzandyou, people are going to need more information.
    In order to reply helpfully, people will need to know a) what ANZSCO number you will be using, and b) what is the name of your qualification, and where and when you completed the course. That way, it will be possible to see exactly what criteria and regulations cover your situation.

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    I can't comment on this programme, but level 9 qualifications can vary widely in terms of the total points required. Two year full-time programmes are usually 240 points: for some 240 masters programmes up to 60 points are at a level 7. It's also not unusual for there to be different versions of the same programme: I'm enrolled in a 180 points masters, but am in the 120 point version. It's VERY confusing.

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