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Thread: Deafness during medical?

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    Default Deafness during medical?

    Hello all,

    I've been born deaf so I know how to navigate life as a deaf person and I believe I would pass the medical with the exception of the deafness thing. I have a bachelor's degree and stuff. Would being deaf disqualify me?

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    Here are the details of the standard of health required for Residence, including the list of conditions regarded as a 'no'. As far as deafness is concerned, it has this.
    Severe (71-90 decibels) hearing loss or profound bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss after best possible correction at country of origin, where significant support is required, including cochlear implants
    (my bolding)

    As you say that you can manage life, your deafness would not be an obstacle to getting a visa. What would happen would be that your medical would be referred to the Medical Assessors, whose job is to understand an applicant's state of health, and whether it would present a high level of expense for treatment and/or medication for the NZ Health Service. They would probably ask to have evidence of your exact condition, but if there is no ongoing requirement for medical intervention, they can declare you ASH (an Acceptable State of Health), at which point the CO working your case can tick off that requirement.

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