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Thread: Medical for residence visa for newborn

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    Default Medical for residence visa for newborn

    Hi all,

    I have currently a SMC Residence Visa process ongoing (from offshore - job offer is very flexible and can wait until border closure is lifted).

    We are having a baby in the coming few weeks, and I understood from my immigration agent that in order to include the newborn in our family residence application he will need to get through the medical step. Do you know what medical tests are done on newborns? I guess we will do it when he will have 3-4 weeks.



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    Here is the regulation. You will see that the child will not need to have an X-ray.
    Here is the INZ instruction to doctors for the medical examination. Notice particularly Appendix 2 about developmental milestones (and that there is very little expected of a child as young as yours will probably be at the time of the medical).

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