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Thread: Electricity meter confusion

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    Default Electricity meter confusion

    Hi folks ,
    You all doing well.

    I just got a question to ask. I have an electricity meter installed and the picture is attached with this post. The last rotating digits (4) on right hand side with lots lines marked on it. does it counts as a kwh or it is the 10th part of a kwh.

    My meter is installed by arc innovation Model: Q1MR-1T

    Thank you
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    Strongly suspect it's 10th part of a KW. Is it a smart meter? If so, your electricity company should be able to read the meter and give you a conclusive answer.

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    What you can do is put a load on - such as turn on the dryer, heat pump, kettle, etc. You want a high enough load to make the last digit move. If you can see it rotate fast enough within a minute than it would be 1/10th.

    Or market down the last digit, go cook - have the oven going and within 1 hours, you should see the last digit move - ie. oven usually draws around 3kWs per hour. So if the 2nd to last digit moves by 3 notches, then certainly the last digit rotates 10 times faster.

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