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Thread: About Border Closures and Exceptions

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    I have a question regarding border closure exception and posting here to see if anybody here has any insight.

    Our current situation is we are currently in NZ, in which myself is Essential Work Visa holder, together with my wife and first child. Our second child, about 1 year old, is now stranded outside NZ. Our plan is to return to our home country as a family group to reunite with our youngest child and then return to NZ together.

    Below is the excerpt from the link above.

    Who should seek approval before travelling to New Zealand

    The following people should seek approval from INZ using the limited exceptions process:

    People with one of the following critical purposes in New Zealand:

    New Zealand-based partners and dependent children (aged 19 years and under) of a work or student visa holder who is in New Zealand

    Partners and dependent children of New Zealand work, student or visitor visa holders

    This exception is only for partners and dependent children who already hold a work, student or visitor visa and normally live in New Zealand. The partner or parent must also be in New Zealand (that is, the person making the request is outside New Zealand and the parent or partner is inside).
    1. Will the statement of INZ above apply to our case?

    2. As the dependent currently outside of NZ still an infant, about 1 year old, we will need to reunite with him and return to NZ as family, how should I made such a request to INZ?
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    If you are all on temporary visas and leave the country, you will not be able to re-enter unless you are considered Essential health workers or meet one of the other criteria (which is unlikely).

    Your statement also isn't clear if your 1 year old holds a visa. They must currently hold a visa.

    I would strongly recommend your family consult with an Immigration Advisor or Lawyer before leaving New Zealand. The border restrictions are already quite tough with only a fraction getting approved that apply for one.

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