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Thread: essential skills visa questions

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    Default essential skills visa questions

    I have been made redundant due to covid-19 and I have some questions about a new role I'm applying for:

    - Currently I have visa for the role "marketing coordinator". The new role will be called "communications coordinator". I will be doing the same but the title is just a bit different. Do I need to put in an application for a whole new work visa or can I apply for a variation of conditions?

    - The role has only been posted on their social media. Is that enough? For them its ideal as the right candidates will follow their account and they are a charity, so don't have a big budget to put the job ad on seek or trademe. Would immigration be ok with this?

    Hope someone can help me

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    Social media only will not be accepted as a genuine attempt to find NZers to do the job. The job will have to be advertised on a far-reaching recruitment platform; Seek, Indeed, TradeMe jobs etc.

    The job title is not the same as your current job title, if your employer is named on your ESV, you will have to apply for a new work visa as you can only vary your employer, not employer and job title.

    "If you have an Essential Skills Work Visa, and your job is not on a skill shortage list, you can only apply to change your employer.

    You need to apply for a new work visa to:

    change job
    location, or
    to change employment to a lower skill-band."

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