hello guys ,

hope you are all well and going smooth with your life there in NZ.

I submitted my PR paper application from overseas in May.

the immigration fee $210 was deducted on 27 May and CO assigned around 26 June by calling INZ .

Also called INZ knowing that the CO is processing my pr visa as usual, but today one of netizens posted in a forum from a Case Officer saying
"""""Thanks for your email. Once we are permitted to process offshore applications, X will be assessed as a Non-Principal applicant (so will still be assessed as if he were included as a secondary applicant on the original application). As Xs travel conditions expired onMay 2020, if he is wanting to travel back to New Zealand while the border is closed, he will need to apply through the border exception process and be assessed as having a critical purpose for travel. If the assessors determine that he meets a critical purpose for travel, an Invitation to Apply will be issued.""""

Does that means all offshore applications are on hold including PR application ? Delaying qualified PR applicants who stuck overseas does not make any sense as its not their fault from my view and also being tax payers.

Anyone who has same situation stuck overseas applying for PR or share your back and forth with INZ ?