Hi All
Hoping someone sheds some light before I jump to an immigration advisor,
I came to NZ 18 months ago on an accredited employer work to residence visa. My partner is on a work visa, he is currently working in Horticulture.

However he has no specia degree specifically. He had studied environmental science but due to our move had to stop.
Currently he would love to go back to school. the degree he wants to follow is engineering.

I looked at the visa he has and if I understand it right it says you can only study for 3 months ? or change the visa to student. If he changes his visa to full time student then he will not be allowed to work. (which does help a bit financially)
We also thought of student loans but have no idea how to go about that unless we get a loan from US and disburse it to a university in NZ?

anyone has done something similar and can tell us.