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Thread: Adding an X-ray to old Medical?

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    Default Adding an X-ray to old Medical?

    My wife and I are applying for residency currently, and both had general medicals 30 months ago, so less than the important 36 months, so they are still in date.
    But we did not have X-rays at that time, Are we able to add on an X-Ray to our existing eMedical Reference? I'm contacting the panel physicians we had the medicals at later today to check, but also thought to ask here too.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I am no expert on this so may be wrong but when I had my medicals done the xrays were done at the same time.

    Imagine if it were the other way round and had Xrays done 30 months ago and then had the medical done at the present day. No medical assessor would accept 30 month old Xrays with up to date medicals so would assume the same may apply here that they would want to see xrays and medicals done at the same time. I may be totally wrong what I am saying here but seems logical to me.

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