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Thread: NZ traffic Police handheld speed guns

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    Default NZ traffic Police handheld speed guns


    I was driving on the SH16 the other day and didn't notice the transition from 100kmph to 80kmph on the approach to Auckland. As I turned round a bend, going about 90kmph, there was a traffic cop with a handheld speed gun. Not entirely sure it was pointed at my car, as there are 4 lanes, but does anyone know how the handheld speed guns work?

    Do they take photos and issue infringement notices later or does the police officer have to pull you over in order for you to be fined? Also, are demerit points issued for these demeanours?

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    90? You might be okay as you'd be surprised just how inaccurate speedos are (usually show higher). 100? definitely not. They sit there, around the bend, for a reason, just like they do at the bottom of hills and AT won't be happy until the speed limits are reduced to zero, as their latest splurge on traffic speed can attest. Notifications come through the post; not talking out of personal experience, but my son gets these regularly. The entire length of SH16, right through to Helensville, is a bit of a cash generator....sorry, I mean hotspot.

    My advice, get a 'Waze' sat nav and get notified of rozzers in advance

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    Demerit points do come with speeding infringements. See details here.

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    As far as I know the handheld device is not a camera; they need to stop you and issue the ticket (including demerits) there and then. Fixed/mobile cameras are different and I don't think there are any demerits for these, just a fine.

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