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Thread: Opening a business while on a temporary work visa?

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    Default Opening a business while on a temporary work visa?

    Dear Team,

    I'm a WTR work visa holder and thinking of setting up a small business on the side.

    By any chance, is this something that can be applied and be varied in my current visa? I understand I'm limited to my current occupation and employer alone.

    I haven't seen any related documents at the INZ website or under this forum except for a VOC (which I don't think would apply to this case) or applying for an entrepreneur visa (it's a side hustle so I don't think it should fall under this category).

    Has anyone had any similar experience? Any feedback would be highly appreciated!


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    I have only ever heard of people getting a VOC on a temporary work visa of any kind to have a second employer, not to run a small business. A resident or the holder of an open work visa (e.g. partner-sponsored, or WHV) can go self-employed or start a business, but otherwise, this form of work is covered by the Entrepreneur thread.

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