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Thread: Sending Passport to INZ

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    HI All

    I am due to be assigned to a case officer very soon and will be posting my updated documents this week. I was wondering since I had a baby if I can be proactive and send her original passport as well for them to sight / scan (I have already sent certified copies).
    My husband, daughter and my Passport was verified at a VFS center when we applied for work /student visas, do I have to send our originals too? Just want to be as proactive as possible to not have any delays.
    Do I send passport with updated documents or do I have to send passport to a VAC (visa application center)?
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    My passport was verified for Study visa and I then they never asked for the passport. I got directly the resident visa.

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    In your position, I wouldn't send in any important document unless and until someone asks for it, in which case they would have told you where to send it and would be looking out for it.

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