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Thread: Can Research assistant post with 0.75 FTE lead to PR

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    Default Can Research assistant post with 0.75 FTE lead to PR

    Hi there,

    I am almsot finished with my PhD. I may be offerred a Research assistant position at a NZ University.
    However, they will only pay 0.75 FTE of the Research Assitant position - so it would not be full time.

    They can manage to give about 30 hours. Thus, the payrate per hour would be the same at the full time reserach assitant post, but all 40 hours would not be given.

    Can I apply for residence on this basis?
    Or do I need to be employed for atleast 40 hours so thats its fulltime?

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    Assuming that you intend to gain residence via the Skilled Migrant Category, SM6.10 in the operational manual should answer your questions.

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    Yes, notice that, for INZ, working at least 30 hours per week counts as full-time employment. Obviously, the work has to meet all the other criteria mentioned in the link Kelerei has given you.

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