Hi All,

I applied for my parents Covid-19 short term visa on 10th Feb seeking 2 month time to arrange safe travel back. I added attempt to reach Indian High commission and showed booked ticket for 17th April.

INZ has come back asking for Police certificate saying "Applicants intending a stay for 24 months or longer must provide a police certificate. This period of 24 months includes time already spent in New Zealand prior to an application being made."

From when do they count time already spent in NZ? i.e. when visitor visa holder last arrived in NZ?

My parents arrived in NZ on 20th March 2020 on multi-entry grand parent visa and are have valid visa till 20th Feb 2021. so about 11 month till date. We are seeking 2 month extension till 17th April '21 i.e. 13 month in total.

My parents were in NZ on 2 6-month stay from Nov'17 till Nov'18 on the same multi-entry visa. Are they also counting that stay too in calculating 24 month. it appears they are!

So just checking if the support officer who was looking at my application calculated the "Intending to stay 24 month " correctly.

Also, PCC from Indian High commission takes 5-6 weeks and we are only seeking 7 week extension because we can't leave before 20th Feb'21 under covid-19. What happen to my parents visitor visa if we apply for PCC and we have our "covid-19 short term visa application" still in submitted state online at INZ. We don't want to be illegal here. I am going to call INZ today but would love you guys feedback.