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Thread: Selling a house oversea, what is tax obligation here in NZ

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    Default Selling a house oversea, what is tax obligation here in NZ


    I'm selling my house in Thailand and I have to pay income tax there. I found that Thailand has a double tax agreement with NZ but I cannot understand most of the legalised words. So, can anyone explain me in simplicity, like:
    1. Do I have to declare my sale? (I want to bring money into NZ)
    2. Do I have to pay tax again in NZ?
    3. Can I claim the tax that I paid in my country from NZ?

    The house was bought around 9 years ago and I lived in there for 7+ years before moving here.

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    This might be a grey area in that IRD may not credit you any of the tax you paid in Thailand. The key distinction is were you a NZ tax resident prior to selling the house? If not, then IRD would just view you as a resident in Thailand and therefore would not be required to declare any sale in NZ ; you would just pay the tax in Thailand as any person resident in Thailand. If you became a NZ tax resident and selling the house after, then you may be able to claim a portion of the tax you paid in Thailand in NZ.

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